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Interview with WTCHCRFT

Interview with WTCHCRFT


While we're obviously pretty deep in the Soundcloud producer scene, sometimes it can get a bit monotonous. There are so many people making the same type of music, it can be hard for true talent to stand out. WTCHCRFT doesn't have this problem though, he's always putting out new music, crazy consistent with his output and has a sound that would very easily fit in alongside the WEDIDIT crew. Think dark, ethereal melodies, over strong bass-y foundations, his music definitely lives up to the name.

We've been repping WTCHCRFT for a while now, most recently connected with him for one of the standout tracks from our Aubrey Graham Changed My Life compilation and if you've been following our monthly mix series, you'll definitely recognize him from a couple of them too. Aside from working with us, he's had a very solid year; putting out dope remixes of everybody and most recently he released his incredible EP Bedtime Stories that if you haven't heard, scroll down and press play asap.

To honour the spooky day, we caught up with WTCHCRFT and asked him about horror movies, Travis Scott stealing beats and Salem.


Why the name WTCHCRFT?

Before I was WTCHCRFT I actually had the name X.Lean and made old school hip hop beats, but I really started to get more interested in trap and I really liked the whole no vowel thing so I started thinking of names that looked cool with no vowels and WTCHCRFT popped into my head. Technically WTCHCRFT is a side project gone wild.

Is there any story behind Bedtime Stories?

Not really to be honest haha, The concept is basically that the EP is supposed to be one of those books that has multiple stories in them that mothers and fathers read to their kids before bed.

Favourite horror movie?

I honestly don't think I can answer this there's TOO many that I really love but I will say I love "it follows" "the ring" "the babadook" all the paranormal activity movies and sinister one and two. Basically I love horror.

Salem the band or Salem the cat?

Salem the Cat.


What do you do outside of music? Literally the only two things I like to do outside of music is party and watch movies. At this point my whole life has pretty much just become music, which is scary and exciting at the same time!

What's it like being in such a tight community of young internet producers? 

It's really really cool especially when I'm able to meet so many people in real life and become such good friends all because of the Internet and music. Also, everyone makes amazing music.

Apart from you, who else should people be paying more attention to?

ALBERT K, he's my hometown friend and he makes amaaaazing music everyone should check him out, along with ECHAVOX, FOXWEDDING, TREVOR DANIEL and VAGUE 003.

What would be your dream collaboration?  Shlohmo, the Weeknd, and ME! I would die instantly if all three of us made a song.


What's been your favourite release this year so far?

It's a really close tie between Shlohmo's Dark Red, and Tame Impala's Currents. Shoutout to Future  with DS2 though.

With all the recent controversies; the Travis Scott beat stealing and the endless copyright crack downs in particular, what do you think the future holds for soundcloud / bedroom producers?

I think that the future is looking very bright especially since stuff like this is being brought to attention, it would be terrible if we just weren't talking about it at all. Producers have been getting more credit and recognition than ever these days and I'm excited to see where things go.




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