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vrsyjnes - LO-FI FM 002 - FINAL BRIGHTER

Imagine an old, crackly radio that only plays the best tracks but you can't quite get a good signal, that's Lo-Fi FM. We've been repping VRSYJNES' incredible stuff in the last few Grape mixes, his style is really pushing the whole dark, sample-filled beats scene to it's limits so we're proud to host the second installation of his Lo-Fi FM series.

Lo-Fi FM 002 is a 40 minute mix of bassy instrumentals, gritty vocals and unreleased material, all a little raw. If you haven't heard it, go grab the previous one here and be sure to keep an eye out for new VRSY projects coming soon. All effects were intentional. Get in your car and blow out your speakers.


01 – VRSYJNES - KickBackLikeAMac ft. Mr Sisco (Instrumental)

02 – Juicy J Ft. Nicki Minaj, Young Thug & Lil Bibby - Low [VRSYJNES Remix]

03 – VRSYJNES - CongosByTheSunset (Instrumental)

04 – Wiley - Step 20 [VRSYJNES Remix]

05 – VRSYJNES - ProvedYouWrong (Instrumental)

06 – Yo Gotti Ft. T.I - King Shit (VRSYJNES Remix)

07 – VRSYJNES - SmokeOneforJohn (Instrumental)

08 – VRSYJNES x Win32 x Genshin - NotAnotherMix

09 – Busta Rhymes - IfYoUReallyWannaPartyWithme (VRSYJNES Remix)

10 – VRSYJNES - PlayaMade ft. Ramirez (Instrumental)

11 – Yo Lynch - In Ah Cloud Of Smoke (VRSYJNES Mix)

12 – R.A - Pitching Like Rugby (VRSYJNES Mix)

13 – Akoza - Birds Of Paradise (Instrumental)

14 – VRSYJNES - OnTheComeUP (Instrumental)

15 – Yung Marcel - 1,2 Freestyle (VRSYJNES Mix)

16 – J Dilla - DTFT (Instrumental)



THPS Mix For Jenkem

THPS Mix For Jenkem