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WEDIDIT’S NEWEST SIGNEE Talks Heartbreak and Healing

WEDIDIT’S NEWEST SIGNEE Talks Heartbreak and Healing

”Break up w/ ur bf / gf & listen 2 Swan Lingo to mend ur broken lil heart.”

Photography by Zachary Chick via i-D

Ever been looking for something to listen to when a song from the future just hits you, like a time capsule? That’s exactly how we first discovered Luv Is Tru, the beautifully melancholic track by WEDIDIT’s latest signee Swan Lingo.

Having released his debut EP this month, Spirit Plug, a term which he describes as “something that gives off good vibes and positivity at all times,” Swan Lingo is laying out his emotions, and turning a particularly low point of his life into something productive and healing.

WEDIDIT’s newest musical endeavours have been equal parts exploratory, unexpected and incredible, from all the Tombstone Recordings EPs, to the Lil Yachty productions and general taking over the world. Swan Lingo is a perfect addition to this catalog—melodic, melancholic, emotional and a couple of steps away from what everyone else is doing.

When we interviewed Swan Lingo, something he brought up was how much he loves and listens to his own music, and how could you not if you made music this dope? The level of personality and emotion shines through so hard, it’s almost overwhelming. It’s real.

Read up on Swan Lingo below and then heed the advice of WEDIDIT bossman, Nick Melons, ”break up w/ ur bf / gf & listen 2 Swan Lingo to mend ur broken lil heart.”


GRAPE - How did you first get into making music?

Swan Lingo - My mom put me in African drumming classes when I was 3 and from there I started to take other types of classes but they never really stuck.. I started rapping when I was 15 but I didn’t like going hardcore with rap, I just wanted to be melodic and put the emotion in there. It needed to be felt.

Music for me has always been an emotional outlet. I can’t hold back. If I’m going to express myself, I need to really express myself from within. I’m not going to talk about all the mushy stuff that’s going on to my friends, I’m just going to sing about it and make songs about it.


Spirit Plug sounds really personal, what was the inspiration behind it?

Oooof a lot of emotion. I was going through a breakup. Me and my ex broke up mid-summer and I started recording in August.

We broke up around late June so I had a hiatus period where I wasn’t making anything. I was depressed and only listening to very soft, sad, dreary music, but I eventually snapped out of it and started recording again.


Was making music part of the healing process of the breakup?

It definitely was. It helped me cope with the emotions that I was feeling at the time.

One night I was tripping and I got very emotional and cried a lot during it. Then, that next day I made my first song, I just spilled every emotion I felt from the previous night into that new song. I had to let it all out. It was hurting me, I couldn’t take it.


Photography by Zachary Chick via i-D

What do you hope people get from listening to your music?

I hope that people listen to the entire project and judge it based on the emotion that’s in it, not on the sound quality or whatever. Don’t look for what’s wrong with it, look for the joys and everything you can take from it. Help it improve your life.


It makes so much sense that you’re releasing on WEDIDIT, how did you first come into contact with them?

My friend WIFIGAWD was on tour last fall and he came across Marcy Mane from Goth Money who he put me in contact with Shlohmo.

I have much respect for WEDIDIT. I love the relationship that we have. I’m just excited for everything that is to come in the future and I’m grateful for everything that’s happening. I’m ready to showcase my talents and show the world what I have to talk about because I have a story to tell.


The video you put out for Luv is Tru is dreamy, nostalgic and on VHS, but you have a future date in it, why May 12th 2020?

The director of the video, susdante, asked me if I wanted to put a date on it, so I was thinking back in time but everyone does that when they’re doing VHS. Everyone takes it back to 1990 or something so I wanted to take it to the future, no one has done that. Basically we want to be ahead of our own time, so we’re always ahead of the game, one step ahead of ourselves.


- Interview by Ralph SheridanPhotography, Zachary Chick via i-D

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