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Interview with Sam Tiba

Interview with Sam Tiba


SAM TIBA -® Felipe Barbosa Sam Tiba's been on our radar for a while now. You've more than likely danced to music he's produced, or at least experienced it in a setting where dancing's been involved. It's pretty hard to label what Tiba produces even with a few genres but it's always melodically beautiful, full of warped vocal samples and heart wrenching chords. It's perfect for the club yet it's got a playfulness that's a clear sign of a producer enjoying honing his own sound and doing his own thing.

Since we first took notice of him and the Club Cheval crew, he's made waves in the international club scene, released countless incredible productions (last year, we had his The Saddest Show In Town EP on repeat almost to the point of annoyance) and formed a tight alliance with Brodinski's label/family Bromance. To celebrate the launch of Bromance's first compilation, Homieland we caught up with Tiba to chat about visualising music, why the world can't get enough of French producers and what the future holds.

Homieland is a really nice indication of this future. Go grab it now and if you're lucky enough to be in one of the cities playing host to the Homieland tour, see poster below and  make sure you go experience it live too.


Grape Magazine : How did you and the rest of Club Cheval get involved with Bromance?

Sam Tiba : We shared the same manager as Louis and have become closer and closer to him since 2011. Eventually Manu and Louis created Bromance and it felt natural to be a part of this adventure.

Inside and outside of music, what are you into right now?

Inside music, I'm into melodic music; whether it's emotional R'n'B or piano classical music. I'm trying to assimilate the highest amount of chords. Outside music my life really isn't that fascinating but I'm starting to learn video making and editing in order to be able to make my art projects more global. I most likely will make my first video very soon.



Without turning you on your family, do you have a favourite song on Homieland?

Richelle - Belee Dat

Do you have a favourite song that you've produced?

Yes, it's called My Eldorado.


You've said before that you only got into electronic music a few years ago, how did you get into it? Was there any particular song or artist that put you onto it?

Shitty artists put me onto it! I actually was on a one year trip abroad for my studies and started to go to these student nightclubs where they would play the biggest electronic hits. I didn’t know any of the artists names back then (2005-2006) but that really made me understand the use of a 4x4 kick or of a loop, which I would have found boring before.

Who and what were you listening to most before then?

Mostly Rap and Dancehall. If I had to sum up with two artists, I would say Lil Wayne and Buju Banton.


Europe and France particular have always had a stronghold on a lot of dance music, what is it about French producers that the world can't get enough of?

I guess this is the relationship between the artists and the melodies. Our music may be a bit more melodic and influenced by Daft Punk and the french touch. Also, there's a big emulation for a city that's smaller than London or NYC for example. So people kind of see it as a huge place of creation.

With the flyers, the cover artwork and the music videos, both Bromance and Club Cheval seem to fit in a place where music, art, style, fashion and partying meet. Because it's all very forward thinking, merging elements from different places, what do you think is the next step? What does the future look and sound like?

I hope we will find a way to use the Oculus Rift for music projects. Maybe go to a Bromance live show while being in bed?


The video for Déguisement is incredible, what was the process of visualising your music like?

It was amazing. Nick & Chloé (the directors) proposed me this mythological scenario and I was all in. They did an incredible job to materialize in images what I had been creating for six months. Pink is everywhere, it's my favourite colour and every costume, every scene, every light, is mastered to the max.

What artists should people be paying more attention to?

Cid Rim, Obey City, Richelle and many others.

Thank you - GM


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