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DISown is a DIS Magazine exhibition at the Red Bull Studios in New York. Not quite a gallery, not quite a retail space, DISown is a space that denounces the boundaries between the art world and the commercial world, which made it kind of hard to choose which category to put it in on here. But, because it made me question everything, it's in 'art.' The idea behind DISown was to bring art down a few levels, as many fashion brands make their products more available by collaborating with more corporate outlets, such as Versace with H&M or 3.0 Phillip Lim with Target, DIS takes contemporary art a step in this direction with DISown. Featuring work from artists such as Ryan Trecartin, Jon Rafman, Bjarne Melgaard, Amalia Ulman, K-HOLE and Telfar, DISown is the result of corporate projects starting to look more like art, and art looking more like retail outlets. And, as a response to this cultural shifts, DISown questions the integrity of contemporary art today, as the curator, Agatha Wara put it in her piece Duck Theory,


"Maybe Contemporary Art is just a duck, a group of regular objects to which we have accidentally attributed special status. And if not, what are the parameters of these merits? How can we continue to negotiate on art’s behalf while knowing all too well the instability of its internal logic?"


The boundaries between the art world and the world of commerce are severed simply with the one tagline you'd never see associated with a brand, 'Not For Everyone'. But to be fair, who wouldn't want Hood By Air homeware or Jon Rafman pillows covered with a print of Emma Watson, especially if you can buy them in a space full of climbing walls and 'adult playgrounds'?

DisOwn runs until the 6th of April, and if you can't make it IRL, an online marketplace is said to be coming to URL near you soon.



The Jogging



Hood By Air





Photographs courtesy of DIS Magazine


Issue 02 Launch Party

Issue 02 Launch Party