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Candid - The Work Of Daryl Angel

Candid - The Work Of Daryl Angel

“I don't really take time away to go shoot photos, I kind of just take ‘em as I go about the day skating.”


Daryl Angel is one of the most enjoyable people to watch skate. His style, the ease at which he makes everything look and his genuine love for it are so apparent—it’s everything that’s good about skateboarding.

He’s been laying down some really heavy hitting parts the passed while, and amongst all the travelling, skating and filming, has been shooting as he goes. For Angel the two past-times go hand in hand, as a skater he has always been a general observer of places, people and culture, taking photos only made sense.

Check out a selection of his beautiful candid work below the introduction, and brush up on his skating here, here and here.


“Hi my name is Daryl, I'm 28 years and I'm from San Jose California, the tech capital of Apple, Google, and Ebay. It’s basically a mecca for computer nerds and gadget-goers, and a Culture-less city, which also makes it an awesome city for photogenic comical relief and skateboarding. 

Ever since I was 11 years old I've always had a skateboard with me it's been my vehicle through life. I've been able to travel all over the world ‘cause of it and been able to make a pretty honest living.

Along with my travels I've also always carried a point-and-shoot with me not only for memories but for ironic things I see along the way.”


GRAPE - How are you today? What are you up to?

Daryl Angel - Doing well, just waking up. I'm still in bed.



What first got you into photography?

My grandma always had a point-and-shoot when I was a child and I guess I sort of just picked up her habit.


Your work is very emotive, do you set out with something in mind to shoot?

I sort of just look around and stare a lot. With being a skateboarder were always looking for spots and different things to skate so I guess in that process I see a lot of other things that catch my eye.


The work shown here is all candid, what draws you to shooting this way?

Honestly just pure luck sometimes, just paying attention a lot. Also, traveling has influenced me a ton.


Do people ever catch you? What are their reactions like?

Most people don't care but there was this one guy who got really mad at me for taking his photo. I was in my car and I was at a stop light behind other cars and I took a photo of him cause he had a funny shirt on. He caught me taking his picture and walked up to my window and was like ‘why the fuck you taking pictures of me?’ I just played dumb.

Right when he was going to probably punch or kick my car, the light turned green and I took off.  


Who are some of your favourite photographers?

Larry Sulton, Richard Avedon, Ryan McGinley, Tim Barber, Jerry Hsu and Todd Jordan.


How much time on skate tours do you spend shooting?

I don't really take time away to go shoot photos, I kind of just take ‘em as I go about the day skating.


Do you have a favourite place that you've shot so far?

I like Tokyo a lot cause there's so much going on and Japanese people aren't really scary and don't care if you take photos of them.


Any hopes or goals for your future work?

I want to make a book one day.

Thank you!


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