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Bronze - Solo Jazz

Bronze - Solo Jazz


Bronze's new full length video Solo Jazz is right on the border of where skateboarding and lo-fi internet culture meet. In short, it's rad.

Self-described by Bronze as both "[SOPHISTICATED ADULT ENTERTAINMENT]" and "[VERY RARE]", Solo Jazz balances some of the best, creative street skating we've seen in a while with computer graphics, reappropriated logos, scenes from Vice City and Trapaholics samples. Directed by Peter Sidlauskas, the video has both cool aesthetic and cool roster, featuring full parts from Shawn Powers, Kevin Tierney, Derick Zeimkiewicz, Joseph Delgado, and Billy McFeely.

If you'd rather see raw East Coast street skating than the worlds biggest switch-hype-handrail-whatever than sit back and geek out on this.

Check the video above and some [240p] screen caps below, then go grab a physical copy of the video and some other cool merch here.

solo jazz 11

solo jazz 2

solo jazz 3

solo jazz 6

solo jazz 5

solo jazz 4

solo jazz 9

solo jazz 8

solo jazz 7

solo jazz 10

Sakiko Nomura

Sakiko Nomura

Right After

Right After