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Bromance Tour Diary

Bromance Tour Diary

bromance camera

We've been fans of Bromance Records forever, their music is so ahead of the game, artwork is always on point and their whole aesthetic is just dripping with style. When they went on tour earlier this year we were pumped to work on a guest feature with them, having the crew take disposable photos and write a little bit about exactly what went down. This feature was intended for our third printed issue but we've had some delays with relocating and stuff and couldn't wait to put this out. Enjoy the photos and Bromance's own Guillaume Berg's commentary below...

Guillaume : First of all if you see this camera, DON’T BUY IT! It’s the shittiest disposable camera I’ve ever bought. That’s why the following pictures are so bad. I had 6 of the cameras during the 12 days we were on the road between, Miami, Atlanta, New York and Mexico. After developing the camera at the lab I finally received only 26 pictures back… With 10 so blurry and so dark you can’t even see shit. So no pictures of our tourist afternoon in Mexico, no pictures of our studio session with Peewee Longway in Atlanta, etc…

So if you ever have to do something with disposable cameras, don’t buy it because they look funny…



This was shot in Miami. This is my American brothers from another. Three creative geniuses. Derek Schklar aka The Devil, or as I like to call him “The Invisible Hand”. He’s working on an amazing project in a different chapter of mixing music and film, you should check it out here.

Garrett Stevenson from Trash Talk. I’m so bummed I missed their show in an empty parking lot during Art Basel but at the same time I had already broken my front teeth a few months prior so it was maybe for the best. If you don’t know about Trash Talk, now’s your chance to catch up.

And Virgil Abloh, my reverse twin :) It has taken me a long time to figure out exactly what Virgil does as he is working on so many things at the same time! My new favourite game is to figure out where in the world is Virgil. We are working on a common project right now and it takes a lot of gymnastic between e-mails, i-messages and 1hour meetings in-between flights or trains, ahaha.


View from Virgil, YING.



View from Gui, YANG. This was in Miami too. The first night we arrived we went to see Virgil play, I don’t remember where but it was too crazy they wouldn’t let us in. So we went to Le Baron and my friend Lionel asked me if I wanted to play. Obviously I said yes and it ended up in a back2back with Virgil. CDJs & friends.



That was shot backstage in New York. Brodi and SD, who is on Brodi’s first single “Can’t Help Myself”. For our Homieland party there we decided to fly SD in from Chicago. It was fun to see SD going nuts during Louis’ set. This is the Bromance spirit!



I was on my way to the Verboten to do the soundcheck and I became lost in Williamsburg. Like the classic situation of being on the phone and at some point you just think “Wait, where am I?” When that moment happened I was in front of “this”… I don’t even know how to call it. Maybe an “installation”? I guess the name of it must be “Dawgs hangin’ ‘round tha corner”.




In between Miami and New York we went to Atlanta do go to the studio. This is Bloody Jay and Louis at the Castle Hill Studios after Bloody recorded a new verse for the remix of “Can’t Help Myself”.

We went to a lot of studios around the world but in ATL there is a special vibe. I guess we recorded at least 8 demos that night. Btw you should check out Bloody’s work! B3 on the way!



This was in Mexico! And this is Hugo with Louis. Hugo is our long-time friend, he runs the coolest club in Mexico and always bring us to eat the best food! Plus he speaks fluent French which is a big plus as my Spanish is so damn bad.



This was supposed to be the front of Sala, the venue we played in Mexico. Damn this disposable camera was so bad… But it ended up a pretty cool photo, or not.



Back in ATL! We were riding around East Atlanta on a sunny afternoon listening to GG Allin's ‘Fuck Authority’, really casually. I thought it deserved a (really shitty) picture.



This is my brother Fabo’s license plate! He’s the best. We were in the studio recording for his new mixtape. The first time I met him it was my first time in ATL. I was smoking a cigarette outside the studio and he came and asked for a lighter. He introduced himself “Hi I’m Fabo” and I was like “Damn! Of course I know who you are!” I was a huge D4L fan and always followed Fabo’s solo work. We really clicked, he’s like really my brother. We talk to each other almost everyday.



We went to an apparently “healthy” shop… This was the cake they were selling. We didn’t even bother buying them to try.



Our house, in the middle of the trees. We stayed in East Atlanta, in the zone 6. I have lived in Paris for about 10 years now so it makes you almost forget that human people live in houses with gardens and trees… I grew up in the East of France, in the country side. The vibes of where I grew up is pretty similar to the one in East Atlanta, maybe that’s why I feel so much at home there. For this reason and also the southern hospitality, Derek, I see you.



I kept the best for the end! On Sunday we didn’t go to church but we did have lunch at Busy Bee, voted Atlanta’s best fried chicken, WINNER WINNER. And the only thing I also have to say is, if you’re in ATL, go to Busy Bee.



The waitress was mad at me because I didn’t finish my plate. But like nicely mad. Like i said before, southern hospitality. I couldn’t really describe it, you really need to live it.

Huge thanks again to Guillaume, the whole Bromance crew, Purple PR and that shitty disposable camera. - Grape Magazine




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