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Beef Patty

Beef Patty


1 Creativity and skateboarding going hand in hand is hardly a ground breaking discovery, but recently it seems to be growing even stronger as there has been an unprecedented and undeniable rise in amazing quality, independent skate videos. Beef Patty, directed by Johnny Wilson, came out a few days ago and is one of the best videos we've seen for a long time. Although all of the waiting and the teasing magazine ads were exciting, one must no longer rely on large brands to provide them with the best skate videos (that said, if you haven't yet, check out MADE right now).

Beef Patty is no frills, no bullshit, pure New York street skating, and like every good street video there's a gut wrenching near-death experience thrown into the line at 09:58. Fuck buses.

Check out some photos from the video thanks to thelocalweather, and the video itself below. Also, take a look at Sundays Zine who presented the video, they've been doing some cool stuff for a while now.








BeefPatty. from John Wilson on Vimeo.

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