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To end 2014 we thought we'd get in touch with some of our favourite people we've worked with throughout the year and find out what they enjoyed most about it, in top 5 format. First up, we've Paul Purcell from Glacial Sound Records. Glacial Sound killed 2014, playing shows everywhere, putting out one of the biggest grime tracks of the year as well as one of the most sought after white labels. If you haven't already read it, keep an eye out for our print interview with him, which we'll be uploading here shortly and be sure to keep up with them on soundcloud, facebook and twitter. This is 2014 according to Glacial Sound.


0 1   -   R A B I T   F T .   R I K O   D A N   -   B L A C K   D R A G O N S

Started as a special for sets, so many people were asking for it, was getting sick reaction in clubs always and broke a CDJ on Boiler Room so I had to put it out. The video was a highlight as well, shout out Jim Alexander who directed that.


0 2   -   S H O W S

glacial buckfast

Getting to play to different crowds in different clubs was a highlight. Shows in Japan with Prettybwoy & the Diskotopia guys, London with Parris and Castlepalooza were all highlights. In terms of getting turnt though the parties with Crazylegs were the ones.


0 3   -   G L A C I A L   S I G N I N G S

Getting Sharp Veins & ___V (not sure if this is the name he's gonna roll with) on board for releases for Glacial Sound was a bit of a coup in my mind. Really excited about working with both guys in 2015. Sharp Veins EP up next.


0 4   -   G L A C I A L   V S .   M I S N O M E R   W H I T E   L A B E L

Getting Logos on board for something more than a remix was great for me personally. This 12" was a couple of edits from Logos, along with his remix of Double Dragon (which was digi only on GLACIAL001) & Rabit's rework of Dirty Laundry. Really happy with the reception on this, without any real promotion it moved fast, pretty much sold out as far as I know.


0 5   -   I R I S H   G R I M E

Shriekin' release on Local Action, Bloom EP on Crazylegs + Major Grave remix on Local Action. Bob Standard grinding on radio consistently. We've got a lot more to come in 2015 individually and collectively.



2014 Mix

2014 Mix

Josh Fisher

Josh Fisher