expect no lessXNPL 001 Sleeve

There's something about Paris. Well, there's many things about Paris, but one of them is that it is an everlasting fresh source of quality dance music. Expect No Less is no different. It is the brainchild of Dj Orgasmic, one of the founders of the already well established Sound Pellegrino label. What's new about Expect No Less is that it's a vinyl only label; no streams, no downloads, just physical releases.

As Orgasmic himself stated, Expect No Less was "founded with the purpose of releasing only tools and secret weapons for demanding DJs.”

The first record, produced by an unnamed but 'well-known' French artist, was only pressed in quantities of 200, on clear vinyl in a plain card sleeve. Whilst remaining firmly physical only for releases, the label did upload a short preview of the record available on their soundcloud. If that's not enough to get you out of your laptop and get into your local record store, I don't know if anything will.